Paint Expo di Karlsruhe

SIVER products were welcomed at the KARLSRUHE PAINT EXPO with enthusiasm and curiosity. We chose to participate in the event with an assembly focused on the functional and technological aspect of our appliances, whose design attracted the attention of many visitors.

Our efforts were greatly appreciated: a large number of intrigued visitors and professionals in the field, upon seeing our appliances, had an opportunity to get to know our company and our production and see how much attention we pay to quality and innovation so to better satisfy market needs.

Siver S.r.L.

Sistemi di Verniciatura Srl, or Siver Srl for short, is a company that was founded in 1998 but whose origins go back to 1966; in fact, it is the continuance and development of a business begun in that year by the father of the current president.


  • Via S. di Giacomo, 30
    06073 Corciano (PG) - Italy
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