Automatic Powder Booths TOP POWER BOOTH

  1. Booth canopy made of plastic sandwich panels;
  2. External manual touch-up station;
  3. Central self-cleaning suction duct;
  4. High performance cyclone;
  5. Pneumatic system to release lower cyclone cone with incorporated sieve;
  6. Peristatic valve to reclaim powder;
  7. Alternating reciprocators / oscillators;
  8. Motorised base with electronically controlled Y-axis;
  9. System to read workpiece width (optional);
  10. System to intercept powder without workpieces or with short workpieces (optional);
  11. Fast colour change centre CRF300.

Fast change TYPHOON COMPACT booths

The Typhoon Super Compact booth is designed to give extremely fast colour changes.

The flexible, fast change TYPHOON COMPACT booth gives maximum productivity with minimum downtime for lean manufacturing.
Everything is designed in detail to reduce colour change times to a minimum, avoid contamination and achieve a highly efficient reclaim.
The external touch-up platforms considerably improve operator work conditions. They are better lit, with a wider work surface and less powder around the operator.
Nozzles of over 2 m. in length blow directly from the touch-up platform during colour change.
The pneumatically closed door on the suction side of the booth prevents any powder from escaping during cleaning.



  • Super compact cabin body from 2.2 to 3 m;
  • Reduced surface areas to clean;
  • Single central suction duct to avoid contamination;
  • Practically no powder build-up in the booth;
  • Walk-in flooring;
  • Floor blow system inserted into the panels;
  • High performance spray equipment due to PVC sandwich panels;
  • Particularly well-lit, user-friendly touch-up station;
  • External booth blowers;
  • Exceptionally efficient recessed ceiling lighting system;

centro-cambio-colore-crf-300Colour change centre CRF 300

The colour change centre CRF 300 is engineered to send an automatic blast of air through siphon tubes, Venturi pumps, powder hose, automatic and manual guns. Made of anti-static plastic, it has a suction capacity of approximately 4000 m3/h.

This minimises powder build-up in the environment during colour change or powder loading. It comes with a 2nd station to clean the powder feed during spraying and can be used to spray small samples.



The Junior Crp booth in plastic material is an especially accessible high-performance booth, designed for rapid color changing compared to traditional booths.

SIVER products are built according to the EC Directive, ATEX 94/9/EC Directive and are subjected to ISO 9001/2008 quality control tests.

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